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Do you like complex problem solving and want to make a real difference?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

At Systecon we develop and deliver world leading software for data driven decision making within life cycle systems management. Our industry-leading software Opus Suite is used in major programs world wide, to optimise the performance and reduce the cost of complex technical systems over their entire life cycle. To succeed, we apply state-of-the-art mathematical models, cutting edge simulation and other analysis methods. We also apply the deep understanding of our customers and their domain that we have accumulated over our years of experience. Finally, and above all, we need to have the right people on board. Which is where you come in.

Systecon is a global software company with customers in (primarily) the Defense, Aviation, Rail and Energy industries. Our company is characterized by short decision paths, a fantastic community and a lot of freedom to take initiatives and control your own time. Team spirit, openness and helpfulness are important values for us, and together we have an unmatched body of knowledge and experience to lean on.

At Systecon, we all have different backgrounds, ages and education, but we also have something in common: a drive for continuous improvement and development, and a passion for complex problem solving and contributing to a better, more efficient society.

Meet our employees

"Working at Systecon we promote data driven decision making for support system optimization as the key to mission success."

Andrew Perkins, Country Manager Australia

"Working on projects entire systems life cycle, from concept development and procurement, we are shaping the world’s most innovative technologies, together."

Joe Wade, Director, Patuxent River Operations at Systecon North America

"At Systecon you get the opportunity to solve complex problems together with awesome colleagues and leadership giving you the support, trust and time to succeed."

Henrik Fåhraeus, Software Developer

Don´t guess. Know.

Let’s talk ‘efficiency’. Sure. It’s not the most glamorous word. But what if efficiency could change the world? Think of it this way - what if every taxpayer dollar invested in technical systems was spent towards the best possible performance? What if infrastructure projects delivered more - for less?

At Systecon we believe that details matter. That only when you fully understand a problem you can propose a solution that fixes it. For over 50 years we have been developing software solutions that allow customers across industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter business decisions. To stop guessing and start knowing.

We develop software products that bring certainty to decision making - half a century’s mathematical methods simulation and analytics distilled into an innovative, intuitive suite that allows our clients to maximize performance and reduce risk. 

To make it happen, we need the best and the brightest, across a range of fields. If you feel that ‘efficiency’ might not be that dull after all, we’d love to sit down with you...

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